My favorite purchase of the new year.

About two weeks ago I made a purchase. A purchase I'm very happy with. I bought... Fake hair. Yes, a hair piece. And I love it. I'm tired of not having hair -- now I have hair and no one has to know it's not my REAL hair ;)

I was at the mall with Erin and my momma when I saw this booth with a lady selling fake hair. I told them how I had seen some on HSN at 4am and was convinced that I needed some. To my surprise, they didn't make fun of the idea -- they had both considered it before as well. So I jokingly started playing with it -- and lord help, it actually looked really good. They both agreed. It looked great -- and real. (It's a hair clip -- that just happens to have curls already spilling out of it). I didn't get it though even though they both told me I totally should -- I wasn't sure if they were just saying that or not.

Then I was at the mall with Kelli -- and I showed it to her. And got even MORE approval. So yeah, 100% good reactions, I purchased some. I've worn it nearly every day since then. It blends perfectly with the curls I already have -- there's just more of them now. Heidi even complimented me on my hair -- and had no idea it wasn't real -- and she used to do hair for a living! When I showed her she was just stunned.

I have hair. Even if it's not my REAL hair... I have hair. And the scale is just about to never hit 200 again -- it's so close... I look good.


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