I have to leave for work in a bit (first day at my first real(ish) job). I'm scared. My brain is a jumble of short thoughts like "Oh shit," "This is bad," "How am I gonna do this," "This is going to suck... a lot," and "ugh."

At least my friends wore me out yesterday so I didn't have to stay up all night panicking. I'm having a banana as I type this. Then I'm going to go iron my snazzy new clothes and make myself look hot -- because I like to look hot when I'm worried and scared because it makes me feel good about SOMETHING when all else is lost. Plus I spent a lot of money on really snazzy work clothes. And I'll make myself some egg beaters just before I leave -- protein is a good breakfast. And I think I'll take a banana to work incase I get the afternoon munchies... And tea -- must have tea.

And I'll wear my cute peek-a-boo socks that Erin gave me (it's her first day of work too -- GOODLUCK, ERIN) -- and Nathan will come find me sometime during the day to say hello... And mommas rooting for me. It's nice to have so many people rooting for me...

Still scared. I shouldn't be. It's just a job. A 8-6 job that I'm going to be at all the time. A job I really need to really impressed my bosses with so that they'll keep me past the 3 month "temp period." A job that could mean the difference between living day to day like I have always lived and actually being a successful adult... But you know -- no pressure.

I have class after work too. Someone make sure I don't skip class.


Blogger Peg said...

Good luck hope it all goes well!!!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Becki said...

How did it go?

1:11 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

yes, details!

4:02 PM  

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