I need a few more hours in the day. Maybe 5 more. Yeah. Or 6.

6:00AM - Wake, shower, iron, dress, makeup.
7:15AM - Stuck in Huntsville's traffic hell AKA Memorial Parkway in rush hour.
7:17AM - Discover second nosebleed I've ever had in my life.
7:30AM - Trip and bust ass in parking lot. Hard.
7:30-8:05AM - Wait on other new guy.
8:00-9:30AM - Fill out lots of paperwork and learn about the benefits I can't have.
9:30AM - Take picture for my spiffy new ID TAG! WOOT!
~10:00 - Meet new boss. Get cubicle.
10:00-Noon - Walk around rat maze on tour. Lot of walking. Need map. Feet hurt.
Noon - Nathan rescues me for lunch. Thank you.
Noon:30 - Nathan starts to leave and I make him stay because I'm too frazzled to go back just yet.
Noon:45-5:45PM - Ethics training videos. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them.
5:45-6:05PM - Curse at phone because the instructions for how to set up my voicemail are SO FUCKING WRONG.
6:05-7:00PM - Run to Walmart to fill prescription -- between the driving and the STUPID FUCKING GENERAL PUBLIC, I didn't even have time to get the prescription before heading to class.
7:05-8:30PM - Class
9:00PM - Feet in serious pain. Woobling to apartment. Telling myself to stop bumping the wall. No seriously -- walk straight. Finally accept that bags scraping wall is OK because the door is getting clooooooooooooser.
9:10PM - Take off shoes. Study swollen red blistered brusied feet. Decide that the heels were a bad idea. Remember the tripping in the parking lot.
9:30PM - until shower runs out of hot water - Stand in shower
10:00PM - Realize that I totally haven't eaten.
10:05PM - Fuck eating, I'm tired.
10:10-ON - Flop around in bed because I'm literally too tired to sleep. My feet really hurt. So do my calves.

6:00AM - Ignore alarm
6:15AM - Ignore alarm
6:30AM - Mom calls. Makes me get up.
6:30-7:00AM - Get ready - fast.
7:35AM - arrive at work. Don't bust ass in parking lot.
7:35-9:00AM - steal cubicle furniture and make myself at home. Mmmmm, cubicle home. No more ass facing the door. Nice.
9:00-11:30AM Ethics videos. Lots of them.
11:30-Noon:15 - Nathan rescues me for lunch.
Noon:30-6:30PM - Ethics videos. Lots of them.
7:00-8ish - Casa Mexicana with Nathan and Matt -- YAY FOR MEXICAN FOOD!
8:30PM - shower.
9:00PM check email, bake cake, write this.
Next: bed.

No time. Works good. I think I'll like it there. I have a cube. Friends are good. Tomorrow is going to be even longer than Monday was -- After work is class and then I have to stay at the school to work in the computer labs.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Useless quote….a cubicle is just a padded cell with a door! They make a whole slew of cubicle accessories so that you can customize your cube. I know you like to make things your own and decorate. I bet you can get your company (you’ve now got a company) to pay for them. Look at the bright side, you are now part of the burdensome many that have jobs that require responsibility and attention…sucks but it is supposed to be an honor. Enjoying the more elevated cash flow? When you get a chance to soak those dogs give me a call or jot an e-mail down please. I am very happy for you! By the way, what is the deal with all of those ethics videos? You cannot teach ethics with two days of cinematic boredom. Who is Nathan? When are you coming to Birmingham? Oh, and I am changing Asher’s daycare in preparation.

10:54 AM  
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