I love that cat.

Jack just came over while I was typing on the computer and stole the drinking straw from my glass. He was then so pleased with his treasure that he ran away with it down the hall.

Lord help, hes so cute.

He has some head trauma. I've hesitated to post that because I feel so horribly bad about it. He and Tabitha get rough when they play with each other sometimes and just before I left for Birmingham last week, she nicked him above his eye. It was nothing -- barely a dot on his skin. Then when I came back a week later, he looked like someone had shoved a marble under his eye lid. And thanks to Tabithas constant licking (AKA sandpapering), the tiny nick had become a nickle-sized scab -- and very swollen one at that. I was horrified -- my neighbor had been watching them for me and she hadn't mentioned anything about this -- he could barely open his eye!

Am I wrong to think she should have called me to let me know? Then if I chose to do nothing, the fact that it was allowed to get so bad would be on my head. Instead, I came home and immediately noticed that my precious emotional crutch cat couldn't even open his eye. I'm still horrified by it. I feel like such a bad owner. I also don't have a single cent to take him to the vet. I've got pocket change -- not even a whole dollar. So I've been treating it constantly with peroxide and anti-bacterial cream. The swellings gone down almost completely and the skin around it is no longer inflamed, but hes still got a huge scab above his eye. And Tabith just won't quit trying to clean it for him. I have to stay on top of her to keep her away.

And now I'm too ashamed to ask anyone over because I'm afraid they'll see Jack and think I'm a horrible person. Thank you for letting me get that off my shoulders.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Oh no you've got every right to be upset with your neighbor. Wait, do your cats run when she comes in? If they do, then she couldn't have noticed it. If they don't and she did notice it, then you should be pissed. Jack is your baby! Maybe you could've saved up some money before you came home for a vet bill or something.

2:00 PM  

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