I've been eating horribly lately -- I've got to find some motivation to hop back on the health wagon. I've not gained any weight, but then that's not saying much -- now is it? I eat when I'm bored and I eat when I'm stressed and I eat because, dammit, food is yummy. And lately I've been bored with the not starting the new job yet and not be scheduled at the old job and only having one class to tend to. Lots of time to go... hmmm... I'm hungry (lie), what should I fix?

One thing I'm trying to do right now is to eliminate white bread and pastas from my diet completely. I've done great so far on the pasta. If I make something for myself, I've got three boxes of the various shapes of whole wheat pasta in the cabinet (I still make white for others, because you can TOTALLY taste a huge difference). I've been holding out on my white bread though. I've been eating the wheat/white bread thats supposedly good for you but is exactly like white bread. (I like to make myself cheese toast a lot -- and sometimes for a sweet tooth some cinnamon sugar bread using splenda, fake butter, and cinnammon -- a comparably healthy sweet treat). Now I'm trying to just suck it up and eat whole grain breads. I keep hearing everyone harping on whole grains now and my doctors is ok with it -- but the first ingredient has to be a whole grain. On most of those "whole grain" breads (well, the ones like white bread) -- the whole grain is more like the 6th ingredient.

You'd think with all this modern technology that can give us pizza in the microwave and green ketchup, we could make a wheat bread that tastes decent. For fucks sake, just ground the shit up better -- whats the problem? And whats with the high fructose corn syrup in my bread (something I didn't know about until Erin harped on me about my bread choices)? Throw some splenda in there if you have to. What gives?

I'm currently trying out this soft wheat bread. It's got no added sugar and the first ingredient is whole wheat grain. Yuk. But think -- I'n a few months, someone might say to me "man, I wish I could eat wheat bread like you -- but I just like white bread too much." I gave up soda -- I can give up white bread too.

Also, this is a bad time to say this since I've had a fast-food lunch for the past two days (it was social eating though ;) ), but I'm noticing that I don't really care to get fast food anymore. I just don't. I keep wanting to -- and I'll even allow myself to -- but then when I try to decide what I want, I'd much rather just go home and heat something up. I'm proud of myself for that. I've passed up McDonalds fries more time than I can count lately because I've got something I'd rather have in my fridge at home. Not that whats in the fridge at home is healthy by any means -- but it's 20 times better than fast food.

I've also been on a banana and carrot kick lately. Not together though.

Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous Leah said...

I have to say that the bread thing is all a matter of perspective. I think white bread tastes gummy and nasty. I've always had some form of wheat bread, and I like it much better.

As for the whole wheat pasta, try shopping around with different brands -- some aren't so bad as others. And with white pasta, you can also go for pasta that is technically white but has other healthy things in it, like spinach. Trader Joe's sells a faboo spinach linguini that I really enjoy.

My big thing is trying to stay off pasta in general. I used to eat egg noodles all the time b/c it was just easier. I've been working on trying to find alternative, easy to cook foods that aren't so carb loading. So far, that involves eating a lot of broccoli or eggs or going grocery shopping often enough to keep decent food on hand (or making a big batch of something, like eggplant casserole, and eating off that for several days).

As for the snacking, I find that gum really helps alleviate the snacky urge. I have a much easier time not snacking if I can chew on a stick of gum to get my mouth doing something.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Chad said...

I've cut down on white bread recently (but not entirely). Instead of sandwiches, I make wraps. They don't pass the first ingredient test, but it's better than bread as far as calories go. Tastes better to me, too.

8:55 PM  

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