Dreams are weird

So I had this dream last night about a evil Korean Ninja who was hired by rebel Nazis to kill every single person in this school. Every single one. And he was scary as all hell, I promise you. He’d hunt you down and you had no hope – and he’d toy with you like you had a chance, but you didn’t. And you knew who was going to be killed next because they’d start to fade away. Not that that really has anything to do with anything, but it was a part of the dream.

He killed in this order too – he’d walk around calling out numbers as he went – the order of who he was going to kill. And he could sense where people were even if they were hiding – so he’d walk by and go 23… 24… It was another way he toyed with us.

Long scary, terrifying story short – me and someone else “got away” and were running through the woods. But we hadn’t really gotten away – he had made a trap for us and was herding us to the Nazi rebel forces – we finally got to this clearing and their was a fire burning and we realized that this is exactly what he wanted us to do and that we were going to be killed – and then it kinda just ended and left you hanging – but knowing that we died.

I say all this because that was the context of the dream. But at some weird point, I had to go to a bathroom – there were 4 bathrooms. They weren’t labeled as “men” and “women” they were labeled computer geek terms. And I was standing in front of the “geek” bathroom – but I didn’t know if that was the one I was supposed to use – how do I know what bathroom I’m supposed to use? And really, I shouldn’t have cared – being that a killer ninja was hunting me – but I did care.

Dreams are weird like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those bathrooms in dreams. It's worse when your dreaming about fabulous sex and the bathrooms start cropping up. Like suddenly appearing in the middle of the romantic bedroom scene. Even worse when they're labeled "cat" "dog" and "rabbit". At least you got the geek option.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous DreamsCoaching.com said...

Dear Dreamer,
Your Dreaming Mind is warning you not to trust someone whom you recently met who wants to befriend you.
many blessings,

7:17 PM  

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