Don't squeeze the cactus.

Today was an excellent day. I love having friends! I woke up around 6 and decided not to go back to bed because I was shopping with Erin today -- and after being late on our last shopping day and blowing off girl night, I was not about to offend her again. Little did I know, malls don't actually open until 10.

I went through my clothes and put up some laundry (a huge chore for me as I hate it). I met up with Nathan for breakfast (thanks, Nathan) and had hashbrowns and chicken fingers at Waffle King. He had A chicken breast, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy -- at 8 AM. Then he mocked me for putting ketchup on my hashbrowns. Uhuh.

After food, I went to the store to pick up supplies for Sunday -- I'm having everyone over to watch Office Space in honor of my upcoming cubicle awarding (taking place Monday). I'm gonna make broccoli and cheese soup and slice up some french bread to make toast. It's gonna be yummy.

By then it was 10 and time to meet up with Erin at the mall. Erin is my personal shopper (I <3 you, Erin). Thank god for that because I hate shopping. I hate trying things on. And let me tell you -- bra shopping is a very lengthy, tiring, and degrading experience. I ended up with my very first REAL Vicortias Secret bag -- and I paid a lot of money for it. Here's Erins account of our purchases over 2 days of shopping (written in an email to consol me after I called her in a bit of a sticker shock after adding up the receipts):

1 blouse - black and white
1 blouse - black, khaki and white
1 blouse - brown crinkle
1 sweater- cream
1 sweater- camel cashmere
9? pairs of socks
1 skirt (that you look hot in)
1 bra from VS
1 other bra (if you keep it)
1 shoes - black
1 shoes - brown
1 belt - reversible!!

I also got some awesome hair product. I'm still cringing about the price tag... ~340ish. Ugh. But really, that includes 2 great quality pairs of shoes and 2 high quality and well fitting bras. And the tops are all good versatile tops -- the point was to get a lot of things that mitch and match and don't stand out so they can be worn lots. I think we did well. Still plan on finding some khakis though. We spent 6 hours at the mall today. Really. Every minute of that spent in the mall -- walking and looking and searching and trying on things. At one point I was so tired and whiny that I lost my own purse. Yes. You know, that bag of stuff thats so important I keep it with me 24 hours a day -- lost it. I remembered to keep up with the Victorias Secret bag though -- it's all about priorities (especially when the ex-fat girl buys herself a perfectly fitting Victorias Secret bra -- and not one thats on sale but my choice of bra out of all the bras in the entire store -- and then I got the cute little bag that tells everyone that I bought something sexy).

I got the purse back, BTW. Some sweet old lady found it after I was long gone. God Bless sweet old ladies that don't steal your money and credit cards.

Matt met up with Erin and I for lunch. It was nice having lunch with them (thanks, Matt & Erin). Then to wrap up the evening, Chad cooked me dinner. It was yummy and hit the spot (thanks, Chad) -- and he gave me brownies smothered in cake icing too (Chad knows the way to a girl's heart). Then I fell asleep on his couch. Good times. Believe me, I'm very thankful to finally have people in my life. Praise God -- I was getting damn lonely, and there's only so many cats I can get ;)


Blogger Chad said...

Glad to do it! And technically you didn't squeeze the cactus, you squeezed the needles left behind as some sort of plant skeleton once it had rotted away :)

1:23 AM  

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