"They're spoiled"

Today I went to pet smart to pick up a new toy for Jack. He ripped the feathers off his stick/wand -- and being that those stick wands are his favorite thing EVER (this was the 5th one at least), he needed a new one. Well, I picked that up ...and some live catnip ...and some special food ...and some feather balls. I bought him two plastic balls -- the ones that look like golf balls and are filled with beads so any movement at all cause tons of noise -- and they have feathers on them. Jack's favorite thing is feathers.

He's been carrying it around the apartment for an hour now. Jacks always so excited to get a new toy. He carries it up and down the hall -- he brings it to me to toss -- he knocks it around a bit. It's fucking adorable. How can I NOT spoil him!?

Don't worry, Tabitha got presents too. She's chosen one spot on the futon to sleep and cover in hair. It's disgusting -- I keep lint rolling the futon and brushing her, but damn she just makes a little hair nest in that one spot. I bought her a fleece mat to keep on the futon. I guess I'll see if she likes it later -- right now jack is sitting on it with his new ball.


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