Summary: Karen whining.

As you may or may not know, Thursday night is girl night. This is because Grey's Anatomy comes on Thursday so we like to get together and shush at each other every time someone makes a sound that might get in the way of hearing Patrick Dempsey say something witty. And if I have to turn my head to shush you and miss a flick of his hair or killer smile, then woe is you. Also, as you may or may not know, Grey's Anatomy isn't coming on again until the new year. Pity. Because of this, girl night has become movie night.

This Thursday, I suggested my latest NetFlix -- "The Wedding Guest." (BTW, last Thursday was "The Holiday." *swoon*) I've been watching a lot of sappy romances lately -- probably to rub in my lonely desperately single existence. Kelli and Erin are married -- so they watch sappy romances and then go home to snuggle with their Husbands. I go home to my cat and cry because Jack Black isn't singing stupid songs just to make me smile.

So yeah, this weeks sappy romance is being delivered straight to my mailbox compliments of NetFlix -- one of the many reasons I'm so happy to be living in modern times. But we're not watching it at my house, we're watching it at Kelli's. Kelli lives IN ANOTHER CITY. I usually don't mind driving over there, but damn -- why do all my friends have to live so far away? Isn't it defeating the point of NetFlix that I'm driving past 10+ video rental stores to watch my NetFlix? And I'm out of gas and money. And it's cold. And I'm whiney today.

At least I can wear my snazzy new Jacket... Mmmmmmmmmm. Pretty new jacket. Oh Oh -- and the super long scarf with the bobblies on the end! Maybe even a toboggan... I'm gonna be so cute!


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