Salsa is awesome. That's what I requested we learned at dance tonight -- and being private lessons where we get to choose what to learn -- we all agreed and that's what we learned. Now Tango is probably still my favorite over all dance -- nothing has beaten the sexiness of that one -- but salsa seems more up my alley. And I love the music! I like the hip swinging and the music which reminds me of mexican restaurants (sorry to anyone who takes offense to this but I don't know much about dancing, music, or latin culture so forgive my comparisons) -- and lord we all know I LOVE mexican restaurants.

The basic step is easy -- we did a sort of jazzy-box-whatever that I can't remember the name of -- which moves fast around the floor -- that was fun! I think that was the hardest step for me to learn of anything yet. Just getting my feet in the right order -- I kept wanting to twist and getting my feet tangled up. I can't tell if Nathan was amused, understanding, or frustrated with me. But don't worry -- we had it down by the end of class. Thankfully he's finally getting to the point of being totally comfortable with jerking me around and catching me when I start to spin somewhere or try to bust my ass. And I'm finally getting to the point where I can follow without trying to lead and trusting that I can put my weight on his shoulder (required in a few moves we've done) and that he'll catch me before I bust my ass... and not steer me into a wall or another person. And if I start to lead then he clicks at me to let me know LOL

I'm also getting better at dancing with different partners. Everyone leads completely different -- some more than others and it's really hard for me to not want to just lead when I'm not given a strong lead from the man. But I'm getting so much better at following. That has been hard for me. And it really makes it so much easier on me to just follow exactly wherever I'm led. The guys say that we (the girls) have the harder part -- and yeah we have different spins and stuff and have to follow -- but then I'm really glad to not have to lead. We (the girls) don't have to think about what we are doing so much -- we don't have to plan ahead -- and after practice, the moves become natural and no-thought-required. Of course don't think I'm flattering myself here -- I need LOTS more practice -- I'm only just learning.

Dance lessons are becoming even more fun as I learn to relax and enjoy myself and not be all anal and worried about sweating -- and getting used to being comfortable with being so close to another person -- trusting their lead -- and just being comfortable with the embrace and touch that's involved. I'm not a touchy person, remember. I think dance lessons are really helping me in tons of ways that I couldn't have even anticipated. I'm having fun -- meeting people -- getting exercise -- gaining a totally awesome skill -- becoming more confident -- and becoming more comfortable with my new body and how it moves. I haven't had a choice but to let go of a lot of my insecurities about my body. The guy is gonna have to be grabbing me -- firmly even -- hes gonna feel my body curves and all. Touching is ok. Hip swinging is fun. And I really tried so hard to keep my ridged composition -- I don't like to be loose because I don't like my body looking lumpy or my tummy sticking out -- and lord I certainly don't want to see anything jiggle. I've had to give all those thoughts up -- my butt, hips and tummy are going to be spun, swirled, and jerked around the dance floor with me -- and it's so not a bad thing. It's fun.

So we've got Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Rumba, Salsa, and a little swing -- was there another? I get them all mixed up. Though I practiced my cha cha all week and got to do a bit of that before class started -- MUCH better than last week. Then after class since they weren't playing Salsa music for us to practice by, Nathan led me into Tango -- I remembered how to do it -- and damn well, even! Damn, I love these dance classes.


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