The slope... I have slipped.

Am I the only one who’s just dying to see the new Harry Potter that isn’t even coming out for months? Cause I am. I might have to go see it 3 times in the theater. I’ve always drawn the line at reading the books though – I’m not that lame.

But maybe I am. I find myself wanting to read the books. And if I manage to find a REAL job I’ll have some free nights and weekends – I could totally read a book… or a series of books… I’m sure I know someone who would let me borrow them…

Oh it’s getting tempting.


Anonymous Michael said...

I believe I sent my HP books back with Barbara, but I bet Nathan would let you borrow his.

The books are definitely not "great", but they're very accessible (especially the earlier ones) and enjoyable to read.

I don't know whether JK Rowling's writing skills have improved as she has written or whether her target audience has aged, but the latter books are definitely more sophisticated.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

you've never read the books, yet you go see the movies? I think that's lamer than being a true fan that reads the books.

They're seriously great. Get them from the library -- they are super easy to read and way addictive. I can read about one HP a day. You could probably finish them by the end of break.

btw, I am totally excited for both the next movie AND the last book (tho a little nervous for the last book, since some big stuff went down in #6)

1:03 AM  

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