Sionara 2006!

Happy New Year! Time to say goodbye to 2006 and ring in 2007. Let's all practice drawing a 7 now. Uhuh -- line to the right, diagonal down and to the left. Uhuh, good.

So I guess now is when we reflect on the past year and set goals for the new. I never really get into the resolution thing and that works for me. As far as reflections...

+ 2006: the year I got my BEETLE
+ 2006: the year I moved into my own place

I also lost even more weight this year, got my 2 fuzz-balls and made some great friends. As far as plans for next year, I'd like to just advance myself further. I've been making lots of progress these past few recent years, so I wanna work on that. I want to lose a tad more weight, and become a tad more sane and emotionally stable (great resolution, isn't it? Yes, you can borrow that with proper credit given). I want to make some progress towards my career goals as well -- be that in education and hopefully in job experience (which will also afford me my rent -- woo!) as well. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to enjoy it. Even if the year sucks -- I want to find something about it to enjoy -- movies or games or something. Life is what you make it -- here's to making it good. *CHEERS*


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happy new year

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