Programming in Assembly for x86 architecture

Thought this might interest a few of you -- those who have no idea how to write code as well as those who want to relive the memories of that good ol' assembly class. Here's one of my programs -- it's a short one that just uses a simple menu to allow you to calculate the area and volume of a selected shape using real numbers. The point of the assignment was to learn to use the FPU (floating point unit). This was actually the easiest program in that class this entire semester -- I don't know if I'm glad or pissed that he saved it for last.

Click Here to see it. I put it in a post-dated post so you wouldn't have to download the file.

Oh and I'm putting code out there on the internet for total snatchability. Unfortunately you can't compile this because it has some .inc files it requires to run -- but you can totally copy paste some of the functions. It includes ASCII to IEEE & IEEE to ASCII procedures as well as procedures to find the area and volume of different shapes (square, cone, sphere, cylinder, rectangular prism) using the FPU stack frame. Feel free to thank me when this saves your ass -- my email is linked at the bottom. And don't feel bad -- we've ALL swiped code from the internet... I mean -- everyone but me has ;)


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