Present Temptation

The Littles (Erin's cats -- so named by me because they're tiny) have given Jack & Tabitha a gift. It's sitting wrapped under my tree and taunting me to open it. I wanna know what it is. And I mean... no ones gonna know...

3:12 AM Update: Ok, so I opened it. I couldn't help it -- it rattled! The Littles have given Tabitha and (more so) Jack an entire package of Christmas balls. They rattle, jingle, crinkle and shine. Jacks been holed up playing jungle-gym under the table with a red fuzzy one for half-an-hour now. And awwwwwww he's bringing it to me to play fetch with. He likes it. Erin, you'll have to thank the Littles for me ;)

This makes 2 presents that my friends have given to my cats -- and they've got one under the tree from me too! What spoiled kittens. Jack's happy :)


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