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So I'm confused here, when did I actually start to get a life? My phone rings a lot now -- and it's people I like calling. I have places to go -- plans -- things to look forward to -- friends. I've had to cancel or pass on a few things this week that I actually wanted to do because I'm just too busy. ME. Busy. What the hell? I've got a stack of 17 christmas cards addressed and waiting on stamps. I've got people in my life. I'm having fun. I've got plans.

Tomorrow, Tom -- the hot Puerto-Rican engineer is coming over so I can cook him dinner. I was going to go southern comfort food -- maybe hamburger steak and gravy with mashed potatoes and veggies. But now I'm thinking maybe a nice chicken alfredo with broccoli on the side and garlic bread and fresh grated parmesan. I'll have to decide. My first priority is the final I have tomorrow afternoon. Then I'll pick up dinner supplies on the way home and he should get here shortly after that. I had to cancel our standing girl night with Erin for this (not as bad as it sounds -- Grey's is a rerun this week LOL). And tonight I could have seen Tom but I didn't want to miss dance lessons and dinner with everyone. And Friday Kathy wanted me to go out to lunch at this new restaurant where I would get a free meal in exchange for my review and having my picture taken -- I don't know where the picture part comes in but whatever, I'm too busy to be available to go. When did this happen? It's fucking awesome.

Now, if I could just get school in order I'd be ok. My priorities are still totally fucked over and I'm still freaking out about wether I'll be able to even afford next semester. Will I be eligible for financial aid? I redeemed the whole being on probation might fail out thing -- I'm good on that front -- but now I just have to stay eligible for financial aid and I'm on a super tight leash. So a lot is hinging on my grades this semester... the ones I'm not sure about how they're going to pull through. I kinda had a bit of a tiff/freakout in the middle of the semester that might very well have doomed me. We'll see -- all I can do now is take the finals and see what happens. Of course if I do bad and don't get financial aid then I can't afford college any more and will be in the market for a full time job to pay the rent. But I just realized -- that even that's not the end of the world. It's really not. heh. THIS IS AWESOME.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Whooohoo. Nothing is wrong with getting that full time job and doing the school thing on the side. That actually may be even better, because you'll have money and a good resume. Why do you go to school? To get a kick ass job. Why not get a semi-kick ass job and be content until that degree is complete. I am soooo happy for you.

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