Halfway through finals

My C++ final was a nightmare. 20 pages -- almost all of which was handwriting code. Who has to handwrite code? Where am I ever going to have to handwrite code? GIVE ME A COMPILER -- or at least a keyboard. Do you know how annoying it is when you need to go back and add a variable but you don't have room -- and erasing and rewriting is a mess. Ugh.

This is where standard wooden pencils have the advantage over automatic pencils. You can't really stab yourself with an automatic pencil -- the lead would break way too easy and then you're left with a super blunt tip -- that just wouldn't work out -- I mean you'd have to take a pretty damn hearty strike at yourself to make that work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck on that test!
I just stopped by and found I really like your blog!
I'll be back, sorry the hott engineer didn't work out...that sucks...but you had good food..that always makes up for it!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Hi! Thanks -- just one more test left now and I'll be done. I'm looking forward to some days off!

Hope you come back :) I LOVE new readers

3:43 PM  

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