Four days and counting...

All my presents are wrapped and parked under my Christmas tree. And I've still got my emergency gift (the "oh wow, you didn't have to get me anything... Here, I got you something too!" gift). I used some great paper from the Target dollar section. And for "bows," on some of the gifts, I used mini-KitKat bars with a stripe of paper for the labels -- so cute. Also, I've developed a way to disguise the CD gift. Put the CD in a ziplock baggy full of Christmas candies -- then the package is all lumpy and non-identifiable -- plus they get candy.

I usually get so frustrated shopping for my family. They never like what I get them -- especially when I got out of the way to try really hard. Last year since I worked at Barnes & Noble, I gave everyone books -- but I put a lot of thought in it and set those books aside weeks before I even bought them. Yeah, doesn't matter cause I work at a book store. Then one year I made everyone stained glass -- spent 400 dollars and countless hours... they wanted something more ornate -- the geometric patterns I chose didn't go over well. Every year I swear that next year I'm not going to put any effort into it -- but then I always do. *sigh*

This year I think everyone will like what I got them. I FINALLY got to give me mom a real Star Sapphire -- and not just any old ring -- I got her a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry -- something she can be super proud to wear (I've got the gem lab reports and insurance cards -- it's appraised at over $5,000!) She loves it and I'm SO EXCITED about it (Yes, I scoped out eBay for star sapphires for MONTHS). My sisters are all getting rings from eBay. They're just costume jewelry, but I think they're nice. I KNOW Jennifer will love hers -- she's absolutely adored the two rings I got myself from eBay, and the one I got her is way prettier than mine. She's usually super hard to shop for, so I'm psyched. For Dad, who I almost didn't even get anything for (he never likes his presents -- ever) -- I went simple. I got him a TON of candy and treats. Dad loves sweets -- he won't like it as a gift, but he'll enjoy eating it. Oh and Tim gets a CD & some goodies. So even though I was shopping on a super tight budget, I think I did pretty well.

Oh and Crystal, girl, I'm hooking you up -- you're gonna LOVE your present.

There's even a present for Jack and Tabitha under the tree -- chicken jerky and some toys. My fuzzies gotta have Christmas too.

Hope everyone is done with your shopping. Don't go to Target and expect to find chocolate covered cherries 'cause it's chaos and they're out.


Anonymous Jack the Kitty Kat said...

OOOOH What is in that box? FUN? Merry Christmas!

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rub it in why dontcha...I still have to shop for my parents and in laws...I am so confused because I hear all year long about things that they want but then when christmas time comes around they have no suggestions and have already bought whatever it was in august that they wanted.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

I love Christmas. This year is going to be so much fun with Asher. He is two and finally knows what is going on, but not old enough to tell how much you spent. I LOVE being a mommy at Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.

2:33 PM  

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