Christmas Time Christmas Time Christmas Time

Contrary to dire predictions, Christmas with the family was great. Everyone had loads of great presents and we had fun with the nephews who behaved so well! Mr Cade is 25lbs at 2.5 months old. Cade is gonna be a hoss. It's not fat -- he's just a huge baby. I bet he grows up to have a football frame -- exactly the opposite of his big brother.

I got some awesome cookware. It's exactly what I wanted. I never thought I'd be so excited about a spatula -- but I am. And I got a great pot that is huge, completely oven safe, non-stick, and has a 10 year warranty. I'm gonna be using that baby 5 days a week at least. And the spatula -- silicon -- heat resistant to 600 degrees. AWESOME -- a spatula that can't melt! And I got a crock-pot too! And clothes -- including a new snazzy jacket that will finally get me to stop wearing the infamous green jacket that is 2 sizes too big. And one of the shirts is 100% silk... and a size LARGE. And it fits -- and it's got tassels! Mom got it for me to wear to dance. Cindy got me some awesome jewelry (really, she ordered it just for me), T & H got me a blanket like the one I've envied at Erin's house. And Jenn got me X-Men 3 to round out the set -- and also what is now going to be the official highlight of my DVD collection. She got me the special edition Ghost-Busters collection. Yep, the 80's Ghost-Busters movies -- BOTH of them. I can't wait to watch them -- I can't even remember the first one. They always show the second one on TV but never the first. And I got lots of other cool things too -- can't wait to go home and get it all out and put it in the proper places.

Tomorrow is running around casual Christmas. Then I gotta go back to Huntsville to WORK. I think I'm gonna hang out in Huntsville this week even though I've got nothing to do. That way I won't have to borrow money from mom for gas (I get paid this Friday) - then come spend a few days with the family next week after New Years. THEN the NEXT week I've got to secure myself a job. A full-time-pay-my-rent job. Ugh. I'm freaking just thinking about having to think about it. I feel a bit guilty that I'm leaving to work one shift and not coming back to spend the week. But I'd rather spend next week down here... who knows -- I might change my mind.

Anyway, yeah -- MERRY CHRISTMAS


Anonymous Michael said...

Glad Christmas turned out to be good :)

8:36 AM  

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