Christmas is gone.

Christmas has now been packed up in three large boxes and stored in my hall closet. Kinda depressing. There's a huge empty spot where the tree was and my table looks so drab. I've replaced the adorable penguins with plain glass salt and pepper shakers. And it just won't be as nice walking up to my door without the lights and wreath -- and the jingle bells. But as my mother tells me, it wouldn't be so special if you had it out all year.

The cats had a tad of a freak out with all the boxes and changes happening. Of course they also enjoyed playing hide and seek with all the boxes and bubble wrap. And they were absolutely no help with the wrestling of the tree.

My arms are covered in scratches from making a 7 x 4 foot tree fit into a 5 x 1 & 1/2 foot box. After that little bit of fun, I had to sit down with a bottle of water and catch my breath. I'm already finished up with it all before noon. Everything's been boxed up and stacked in the closet. The trash has been taken out -- and the carpets vacuumed. I decided to do it all fast in one fell swoop -- like ripping off a band-aid, you know. Still sucks. I really love the Christmas season. I love the shopping and carols -- the lights and the decorations. I'm really sad to see it all go. But as my mother tells me, it wouldn't be so special if it lasted all year. *sigh*


Anonymous Crystal said...

No more CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! Yippieeee. Mine is packed up too and waiting to go in the attic. How are you today?

1:05 PM  

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