You know you love it.

Kitty pictures = happiness. And since I just cleaned out my flickr account, there's room to upload more pictures! First, here's my evening in a nutshell:

Yep that's about it -- pretty much every evening, actually. I'm on the laptop -- they're on the couch. At least if I reach over, Jack gives me kisses. [[reaches over and gets kisses]]

That one's just because he's cute. Jack is all muscle and huge feet. And dude, isn't his collar in the perfect position there? I've got to order Tabitha's -- she's going to get one like Jack's except in red.

Now one more. If, by chance, I'm not on the computer and am instead in the kitchen cooking -- Jack can be found atop the fridge:

My god, he's just too fucking cute isn't he? Look at the ear! And yes, I already told you I'm playing favorites. Plus it's really hard to take a good picture of a black cat with a shitty camera. Besides, all she does is sit there. Also, it's a shame I don't like the name Pearl. Mom's suggestion of Jill (for Jack & Jill) is beat out by the name Pearl. Then they'd be Captain Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl.


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