Yes, but they don't use soap.

What's with people being mad that I gave the cats baths? I've never heard of this before -- ever. Jack has had regularly scheduled baths since I got him 11 months ago. And Tabitha lived outside -- who knows what was in her hair. And now that they're licking on each other -- I don't want Jack to get something from her.

A few people have expressed surprise at this. I've even been told it's cruel. "Cats hate baths and they clean themselves -- it's unnecessary stress." They clean them selves with their tongue. That's like me never taking a shower because I wipe myself off with a washcloth every night -- why should I wash my hair or scrub my underarms? Why do I need to wash my butt when I wipe it a multiple times every day?

They needed baths. Now their coats are silky and shiny. They smell nice and they're so soft and fluffy! And bathing them gives you a great time to check them out for any bumps or injuries or anything odd. You also get to use medicated soap -- or flea/tick treatments. And did I mention the fluffiness?

Yes it stresses them out -- but so does taking them to the vet or trimming their nails. I trim Jack's nails every month -- are you going to have a problem with that too? I make sure to give him/them lots of love when I'm done followed by special food and after a few hours they forgive me. And did I mention the fluffiness?


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Theres nothing wrong with giving them baths as long as it isn't drying out their skin. If it is then try using an oatmeal shampoo every other bath or cutting down the frequency of baths. The more you do it the more they will accept it and treating them to special food and lovins afterward will encourage them to not see it as such a bad thing.

Kudos on trimming the nails too. Too many people would rather mutilate their cats with declawing rather than risk a single scratch.

I think you take excellent care of your cats. I dare say they're spoiled.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yes, Jack is spoiled -- there's NO denying that. He's a great cat though as long as you keep his mind entertained. I've adopted the mindset that hes just a toddler. Like a toddler, he doens't know any better and he's my responsibility. If he's acting up -- hes only doing it because he's bored. And his "acting up" isn't him acting up -- its just him being curious. If he starts getting into things, I just play with him a bit -- he'd rather do that anyway. Distraction -- that's the key to Jack.

He really is an awesome cat though. I've had a few people seriously offer to take him -- especially now that I'm trying to find a home for Tabitha.

We had game night here again last night. He does so well! He loves people -- he hates to be cuddled, but he loves new people. He wants to play with them and explore their bags and steal their keys (or in the case of RPGers -- dice). He's not a cat to run under the bed at all.

And after his baths hes so fucking fluffly! It's adorable. He also thinks that I'm mad at him -- so after his bath he wants to cuddle. That's the ONLY time JAck wants to cuddle.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Oh and he still comes everytime I call him. He's horrible about running out though -- he runs out everytime the door is opened. He stalks the door so he can run out. It's upsetting but he just wants to explore. What's funny though is that he doesn't go far. Everyone was joking about that last night. He runs outside and then stops 5 feet from the door. It's not like you have to chase him down.

And another thing that's so cute about him -- he loves his toys. I keep them gathered up and tossed in his "cat condo" -- he goes over there and gets them out one at a time. He'll go grab a toy to chase around -- or bring you one so you can play with him. It's ADORABLE. i just love that he goes and chooses a toy to play with.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

When he starts getting bored start teaching him comands like you would a dog. It takes a little more patience but cats are (usualy) incredibly smart and it sounds like you have one intelligent little boy. Most of mine get trained right along with my dogs. Some cats really enjoy playing fetch too.

Be careful about the door thing. He may get braver over time.

11:18 PM  

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