Spring 07

Oh man, I just registered for my Spring classes and I'm gonna have one hell of a shitty schedule. All night classes, no choice. There goes my budding social life. BUT I'm graduating next year so I can see the finish line here. This spring I shall take the following:

CS413: Digital Design (sounds eerily simple, doesn't it?)

CS499: Senior Project (I'm told it's a group project. I never do well in group projects -- I get stuck with losers that won't do their part and then I end up doing the whole thing.)

CS424: Programming Languages (Exposure to all those programming languages that no one uses anymore but might crop up in future employment when we're asked to trouble shoot & update ancient code that no one understands)

EH301: Technical writing (gotta know how to write the manuel for my shiny programs)

After that, aside from electives, I'll just have to take Operating Systems -- where they make us write our OWN operating system. Nightmare. So far for electives, I'm going to take an advanced C++ course (i'm in that now), and a UNIX course. The rest will be whatever can fit into my schedule.

Ugh - no more game nights, dance lessons and grey's anatomy night :(


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