Praise God!

I picked up a power adapter for my powerbook today -- way more money than I wanted to spend. And I just want to praise God here because the adapter is the only thing that was broken. I was scared that the port might be broken too -- 1 month after my Apple Care expired. My fears were even further confirmed when the people at the store told me something had probably broken off inside it -- something I just couldn't see. Ugh. BUT NO! It' works! WOO! Thank you JESUS!

Also, the shirt I'm wearing today that I got from Old Navy -- a large. YEP.

And I met with my advisor yesterday -- I'm in way better shape than I thought! I shall finally graduate in this coming year. I've got to take a lot of electives. I can take at least one CIS elective -- like to meet requirements. Awesome! Teach me how to use the internet for credit. HAHA

Oh, and I've got to toss my old power adapter -- anyone want a power-brick extension? Or just the plain plug? I'll trade you a Christmas ornament for it.


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