Penguins & Paula Dean

You know, when you like something -- oh like, say... penguins because they waddle and talk like Robin Williams putting on a mexican accent -- people tend to give you that something. This is the case on my part. It's made worse because I see cute penguin things -- like my salt 'n pepper shakers and my new espresso mug. Now I'm going to have the penguin Christmas tree. I should not have bought all those cute penguin ornaments, because just tonight, I received three more. I could totally have a theme tree -- all penguins!

I'm home in Birmingham for my Birthday -- being slowly murdered by stress from my family. Mom's always so happy to have me home though. Tomorrow we're having mini-thanksgiving dinner for me complete with Paula Dean's F-ed up cranberry sauce recipe that just so happens to be the very same one me and Erin were making fun of the other day -- and I don't even get food network. Here's how the conversation with mom went:

"We're having a SPECIAL cranberry sauce recipe..."

"I hate special Cranberry sauce recipes. I like the canned cranberry sauce... Oh, me and Erin saw the most disgusting recipe Paula Dean made -- it was like pecans and mayonnaise spread on slices of cranberry sauce!"

"THAT'S the one!"


"Everything Paula Dean makes is good."


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I saw some penguins in Wallyworld last ngiht and thought of you.. Just because of this post.

Mayo and pecans on cranberry sauce sounds nasty.. You gotta let us know how it turns out.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous steph said...

happy birthday

8:50 PM  

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