No more political commercials!

I love Martha Stewart (have you noticed?) I guess if anyone was going to handle being thrown in prison gracefully, it would be her -- but it's still impressive. What I love so much is that she doesn't allow anyone to hold it against her -- she's the first to admit to it and make a light hearted joke. I've seen her joke about it before on her daily show -- for instance in a knitting segment, she wore a shawl that a fellow inmate had knitted for her... being that they've got time for stuff like that. Today though, she opened her show by urging everyone to go out to vote. That's not abnormal and didn't need anything further be said -- but she pointed out that she was allowed to vote until she was off probation and urged us all to go vote for her. She also mentioned how sad she was that she couldn't participate and pointed out how lucky we are. It was classy. She's so damn classy -- even about her stay in prison & probation. The woman is amazing.

On another voting note, it's a rainy day in Huntsville. I'm watching the news @ noon and they keep mentioning how surprised they are at the voter turnout considering it's raining. I don't get it. Why would the rain keep someone from voting? (Unless you have ombrophobia or pluviophobia -- in which case you should know: there is hope.) It's not like someone chooses who they're going to vote for, wakes up and sees the rain and goes "oh well -- guess I'll vote next election." It's not something you can just put off till tomorrow.



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