Mans best friend

When I ran to the grocery store this morning, I parked next to a pickup truck with a dog in the back. He was a huge dog -- yellow short hair -- almost like a lab but even bigger. I couldn't resist going over to pet him. His tail was just wagging and he kept trying to lick my face with his massive tongue -- what a sweety! And do you know he was just sitting in that truck bed with no restraints, nothing to keep him there -- just his obedience while he waited on his owner to come back. Even when I walked away, he just barked at me to come back -- though he could have easily jumped out and come to me. I've seen a few dogs trained as such. They will sit in the bed of the truck and wouldn't even dream of getting out -- even under great temptations. They sit and wait for their owners to return and give them a pat on the head. I'm not an animal person really, but I much prefer dogs to cats. They're just so wonderfully loyal and loving. Even when you have a disobedient dog (like my moms dog, Bonnie) they still win you over with their unconditional love.

Dogs are such amazing creatures -- they melt my heart sometimes. When I was leaving Erin's house the other day, I came across a small dog in the grass. I walked up to him and petted him and began with the baby-talk asking him why he was outside all by himself... and then realized his owner was right there and had been watching me have a conversation with her dog. I felt like a bit of a moron.

One of the most horrifying things I've ever read was a study some evil bastards did with dogs. These "scientists" kept dogs and trained them and then after they had the dogs loyalty and love, they (I will spare you the details that haunt me still) tortured them to death to see how far the loyalty went. Even after being mutilated horribly and on the edge of death, they still licked their masters hand and remained true.

I don't know where I'm going with this or why -- but damn, dogs are just so awesome. They're too good -- we don't deserve them. They'll do anything just to win your approval and a pat on the head. They'll protect you to the death. It's just... wow. I know that dog would have waited days in that truck bed with nothing holding him there but his own will -- just because he was supposed to. Amazing creatures.


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