Jesus "IS" Lord

We all know that I can’t spell and I’m horrible with the Grammar. Hell, I can’t even spell ‘grammar.’ For this reason, most jokes about such things are over my head ...or something I’m guilty of myself. One mistake, though, I get to enjoy and ridicule. The one that always puzzles me: The “misuse” of “quotation” marks.

It seems to me that there exists a population of people who believe double quotation marks are just another way to emphasize a word**. And when I read a sign like this, I always use my mental double-quote fingers which makes me giggle inside. Yes, I use double-quote fingers all the time. And yes, I giggle inside at other peoples expense way more often than is polite. I can’t help myself. I’m a bitch like that.

And now there’s a whole flickr pool of quotation-mark retards (clicky) for our enjoyment! Awesome! Go forth and be amused – but be warned: there’s something going on with the "pumkin soup."

BTW, I'm almost afraid to post this because I can't imagine how many mistakes are in it. Please grade me on content and not syntax. That's how I passed my English Comp classes -- well, content and grace of God.

**Totally off-topic: Word just gave me a grammar flag on this sentence because of “wordiness.” Maybe I LIKE to be wordy, Bill


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