I'm OK.

So after writing that post last night (I feel like that lots, yall -- it's not new or any worse than it usually is... I just actually wrote it out so maybe someone can at least have an idea of why some things are just so hard for me. No one ever understands) -- well, I knew I wasn't gonna go back to sleep anytime soon. And since the sun was going to come up soon... I decided to excercize!

The red line is my morning jog. Well, I jogged for a short bit... then I walked. I'm proud of myself! I walked past the movie theater and all the way to the grocery store I shop at. I was going to walk to Pet Smart and buy those little antlers to torture the cats with... Then when I got there, I realized it was a Petco not Petsmart. And I so knew that it was a Petco -- I don't know how that mind fart happened. Anyway -- not only was it not even the right store... it wasn't even open! Oh well. It was a nice walk.

So don't everyone worry and freak out about me. Prayers are always appreciated though :) I'm proud of myself -- today was going to be a bad day... now it's a good one. I've worked out -- I'm gonna make a Turkey roast for lunch... and go to class... Then tonight is dance lessons. I'm gonna wear my new skinny pants too.


Anonymous Leah said...

yay for exercise! keep it up, and hang in there :-) and keep up that exercise, b/c it seems like it really bolsters your mood.

11:05 AM  

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