I immediately regret this decision.

So I have to work night shift tonight (and tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that) -- so if you feel like chatting, just dial up 911 and wish me a Happy Holiday. Work has already ruined my holiday (and gotten me hell from my family) so I refuse to let it ruin my Wednesday too. So instead of sleeping in all day so I can stay up all night, I got up and ran my errands. Bad idea. Apparently going to Sams Club and the grocery store is a nightmare the day before Thanksgiving.

I was going to go to Krogers because I'm becoming a Publix snob -- but just the parking lot was a fucking nightmare so I ended up at Publix. It was packed out and they were out of things like lemons and turkeys which was being complained about loudly. And I'm sorry, but if you're waiting until the day before Thanksgiving to shop for your Thanksgiving dinner preparations, you're a moron. And dude, you don't have a turkey yet? What the hell? You should have already gotten started on cooking at least half your dishes -- you shouldn't be running to the store to pick up the main ingredients.

I'm also going to go to dance lessons, even though I should probably take a nap before work. I refuse to let work ruin my dance lessons.

I'm pissed at work. I have seniority over the other part-time dispatchers (expect for one who only works 2 weekends out of the month, which gives me priority over her) but I'm the only one working all 4 days. And not only am I working all four days -- but Mac has decided to give me the absolute worst shift -- the night shift. Everyone, Karen is in the market for a new job -- hook me up if you have any connections. I love my job, but I'm tired of this shit. I've got seniority, I'm excellent at the job, and I've not called out ONCE. I even gave them months notice when I needed a day off -- and they STILL didn't want to give it to me. Dammit, I deserve some fucking respect. Time to find a new job.

PS: Happy Pre-Thanksgiving.


Anonymous steph said...

your good, thats why they want you on the night shift...samn shit happened to me

6:47 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I know I'm good -- that's exactly why they shouldn't pull this bullshit on me and drive me to another job.

10:19 PM  

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