I have things to do!

This weekend there's a big Christmas shopping festival sort of thing going on in Huntsville. I can't sleep (unless I'm supposed to be somewhere -- then I can't wake up, but at night -- nope) so I was cleaning up a bit. I moved a fan that's been in the bathroom and underneath was a brochure for this event. Mom had been looking at it and I had used it as a dustpan so it's been in there hiding. I picked it up to glance at it again and lo-an-behold, it's today. Well, I'll just go then. And after i decided to go, I read in the fine print that students get in free -- score!

So actually going to a local event got me to looking at what other local events I might be interested in -- after all, there's not much better to do at 5am. I saw that the symphony orchestra was playing and decided that I might be interested in that -- can't be that bad, right? Well, tickets range from 40 something to over a hundred dollars! EEK. Won't be going to see them anytime soon. Guess for the moment, I'll just be happy with my rapidly budding social life as it is.

Oh, and Erin's almost convinced me that I'd be a bad person if I gave up Tabbatha. I've got to figured this out soon because I need to order me and Jack's christmas stockings and I can't very well have one for Jack and not her (if I keep her, that is). I can't even figure out how I want her name spelled. I know I've been misspelling it -- I think it's really like Tabitha or something -- not sure if there's 2 B's or not... OOOH, maybe they'll have stockings at the festival today!

Since sleep is apparently out of the option (which will lead to me staying up and going to this festival when it opens in 2 hours and paying 5 dollars to get in early followed by me coming home and crashing and then waking up right before I have to go in for the night shift), I shall vacuum and then practice my dance steps. Let me just tell you, Wednesdays dance lesson was fantastic -- we just focused less on the ridged steps and more on making it all flow and proper lead and follow techniques and posture and stuff. Damn, I'm getting so good. I never thought I'd know how to dance at all -- much less be good at it! Me and Nathan were tearing up the dance floor. I know lots of steps and different turns too -- and I can put it all together and and survive Nathans "I'm gonna try something tricky here" statements. I ROCK. I'll be going to those Friday-night dances soon enough. I might even buy a sexy dress for it. Oooh.


Anonymous Leah said...

call the symphony and see if they have rush tickets. I used to be able to go to plays or the ballet for $10 if I got my ticket in the hour before the performance (if only other places thought this well -- it's better to sell seats for something than have a bunch of empty seats).

Tabitha is the "correct" spelling. If you want to keep her, you probably just have to be extra dilligent (and maybe get an extra litterbox).

6:46 AM  

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