Highlight of my month.

I have to say, oddly enough the highlight of my month happened this evening. I had the pleasure of watching a professional electrical engineer and a geek huddle around my Christmas tree and enthusiastically debate, hypothesize, and test how my touch-ornament works. (If you don't own a touch ornament -- you MUST get one. It's a plug that you plug into the outlet then plug your Christmas lights into -- then a wire with a christmas ornament comes out and you hang it on the tree or whatever and when you touch it -- it turns the lights on or off. It's simply wonderful). We even dug out a battery to test one theory. It made me happy.

Tonight at dance we learned Cha Cha. I also had the pleasure of being the only girl in the group -- matched by 4 guys. That means I was the desired commodity and everyone wanted to dance with me. How awesome is that? Cha Cha has a quick triple step in it. I'm not good with the triple steps -- I'm still a big girl and my body just doesn't want to move that fast. I can do it -- but I feel retarded and wonder what I look like doing it. The teacher said I was doing perfectly though. We learned the basic Cha Cha, the cross-over, the backwards break, my spin -- and the move where we both do a spin/turn on the crossover and we turn back-to-back. It's hard and a bit of a workout -- but Nathan was right -- it's an incredibly fun dance to do. That double turn where we both turn is my favorite dance move yet. And dude, to keep count you get to say "cha-cha-CHA" How much fun is that? A lot.

My leg muscles are mocking me for my morning jaunt. They especially didn't like adding dance lessons on top of their pain for the day. But I count dance class as a workout because it makes us move around and sweat for an hour -- which is totally a work-out in my book. That means I worked out TWICE today.

Oh, and I was super light-headed all day. Like sick-light headed. I guess I just made myself sick -- or maybe it was the lack of sleep? Anyway, Nathan kept turning me again and a again because we were trying to get the steps right and lord I just about passed out. I had to make him stop.

Being the only girl partner, I did a lot of Cha-Cha-CHAs and spins tonight. A lot.

I'm loving dance lessons more and more -- and I'm getting really good. For christmas, I'm going to buy myself a dancing dress, and if I can find some at a good price, some dancing heels so I can go to the dance parties they hold every Friday. Not that I can't go now -- but I wanted to get a little better before I went and started dancing with strangers -- and what a perfect reason to buy myself a sexy dress! My Spring semester is probably going to make me have to drop the dance lessons -- but I really hope that we can all work it out at a time where I can keep going. If not, then I'll probably go to some of the public lessons during the week and then we can still all get together for the dances on Friday...


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