Guitar Hero

Have you seen the play station game "guitar hero?" I've infiltrated a group of hardcore gamers -- this is ok because they have all the awesome video games. Last night at "real game night" (so named by myself indicating that we only play party games that non-nerds play and that we can tell other people we played without sounding like total dorks), I saw this game for the first time. The controller is like a guitar -- only with buttons instead of real strings and frets. Obviously, it has nothing to do with being able to play a real guitar, but that makes it no less awesome. You get to play a big selection of various rock songs -- everything from Stairway to Heaven to I Love Rock & Roll to Audioslave! (BTW, did I mention that I have the new Audioslave album and also an acoustic bootleg of Chris Cornell playing/singing a lot of his old stuff plus Audioslave stuff in one of those tiny little bar-concerts? I do -- aren't you SO jealous? I know). I gotta say, that game is damn nifty. I had heard the guys talking about it a few times and kinda mocked them about it -- but watching Richard play last night was actually entertaining.

Now I'm in the mood for good music -- the music I used to listen to all the time before the likes of Janie Porche, Aimee Mann and Jack Johnson dominated my car. Old music like I used to listen to in High School -- all the old faves. This calls for new playlists!

I love 90s music, BTW. I think we all have a time when we are imprinted with what will always be our favorite songs. I think this occurs in your teens - early 20s when you're listening to a ton of music and exploring who you are, who you want to be, and who you will become. I was lucky enough to be imprinted with 90s music -- cause I ROCK. BTW, everyones complimented me on my musical tastes lately -- whats up with that? I thought I had horrible taste? I really do just get better with age.


Anonymous Leah said...

omg, I love that game. Please tell me you played it!

Video games are awesome. Embrace the awesomeness. I really like playing DDR b/c it's like a workout and a video game all in one.

9:23 PM  

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