Geeky Goodness meets Genius

Here's a post to push down the last one in which I feel a bit vulnerable so I shall now sweep it away.

So I was in Brookstone at the mall looking over all the expensive awesomeness when I came across a massage chair. You know the type -- you sit face down and there's a donut for your face so you can still breathe, right? Well I didn't sit in it -- not only because Erin pointed out how many people have put their sweaty faces against that cushion -- but also because I'd have to take my glasses off and I'm just to lazy to do that. And then I had a stroke of genius:

They should make these things where you don't have to take your glass off. There could be a pad for your forehead and then the rest of the U for your chin leaving a nice opening for your glasses. It makes sense to me. There are enough of us out there who love our glasses for there to be a market for this. Why should I have to remove my glasses for a massage? Step it up, Brookstone.


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