Christmas Shopping

So me and Erin went to the Under The Tree Christmas Shopping festival this morning. Were were all ready to spend some money -- both of us brought extra cash just incase we saw something we wanted and they wouldn't take a check -- and both of us had a list of things to keep our eye out for. Nothing. Neither one of us bought a single thing.

I saw tons of ornaments I wanted, but many of them were more than 10 dollars -- and I'm cheap when it comes to a small shiny ball that makes an apperance once a year. I wanted to pick up some embroidered stockings and thought this would be the perfect place to do it -- I was wrong. There was lots of antique jewelry but no star sapphires (well there was a horrible one for 5k that I wouldn't have even bought for a hundred dollars) -- but lots of snobbish dealers who insulted my intelligence. And most of the vendors were quite rude, actually. Erin and I could barely get anyones attention to ask a question about their products or prices. Even though we arrived right at opening on the first day, the place was packed out with mothers and tons of children and strollers in tow -- not good for an indoor shopping festival. I didn't see anything I couldn't easily find someone else -- nothing stunning or unique -- and all of it was at horribly exagerrated mark-ups. I'm glad the door women let us in for free (though she shouldn't have) because I'd feel totally ripped off if I had paid to go.

As it is though, shopping with a friend for expensive bobbles isn't such a bad pass-time. There were lots of beautiful things – but nothing I couldn’t easily get for a fraction of the cost somewhere else. I’m glad to have gone and I enjoyed it – but I don’t know if I’d pay to go again. If they let me in free next year I would go – but if they want their ticket fees, I’ll pass.

Oh, and highlight of the day: We had Rolo’s for lunch. Quick background: My mother and I love Mexican food. So we’ve been to Moe’s on Airport a few times. Every time we went, we’d see that the restaurant next door (Rolo’s) was packed out with old people. (and we all know that old people love some cheap great food. Follow the old people = find great food). This never failed – packed out everytime. So one day we were going to Moe’s and at the last minute, I decided we should try this other place.

Well, Rolo’s seems to be very similar to Cracker Barrel – but the selection is much more limited because every day they have different specials and side dishes available. The food is considerably better (and that’s saying a lot) and the prices are rock bottom for the great food and large portions. It’s good comfort food with veggies and gravy. Mmm.

I suggested it after dance lessons on Wednesday and everyone enjoyed it. I was disappointed though because they didn’t have their awesome broccoli casserole that day – they apparently only have that on Fridays. So when Erin and I were thinking of a place for lunch – I immediately went for Rolos and my broccoli casserole. Lunch special are even better than their dinner prices! I had a BBQ baked potato – huge and covered in all the goodies for 4 dollars. And Erin’s lunch takes the best-lunch-deal-I’ve-ever-seen-in-my-life prize. She got one of these massive potatoes (at least 1lb) smothered in fresh grated cheese, real thick-chopped bacon, butter, and loads of sour cream… for 2 dollars. She added a drink and a plate of fries and still got out for under 5 bucks after tax.

I’m glad to have discovered Rolo’s and also to have gotten all my new friends totally hooked on it. I’m telling you – follow the old people.


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