The cat situation

For those who care, here’s an update on the cat situation in my apartment – if you don’t care, don’t read: simple.

Yep, I still have her. Jack sleeps at the foot of my bed and Tabitha sleeps up against the small of my back. If I roll over, Tabitha gets up and walks all the way around the bed to reclaim this spot. This has yet to fail. She spends most of her time in my bedroom (the back of the apartment) either on my bed or under it. This has spurred an oddity in Jack. Whereas before, Jack barely came into the bedroom when I’m in there – now I’ve found him a few times napping on my bed rather than in the living room with me. He goes to visit her.

She still eats more than Jack even thinks about eating. I’ve gone through 3 bags of cat food since I took her in. I finally gave up and bought the biggest bag they had. It’s now half gone. How much can a kitten eat? How much can it continue to poop? When will she stop?

She’s not nearly as skittish. When I hosted game night last week, she even ventured out to meet everyone and get petted a bit. It’s annoying petting her though. She’s exactly like my moms cat – the one I don’t really like. They have the same body shape – the same silky long hair – and the same oddities. By that, I mean they have to be active in the petting. She won’t just sit there and let you pet her – shes got to meow and walk around to direct exactly where your hand goes. Like if she sat still you wouldn’t pet her anymore or something. So shes constantly walking back and forth or in circles jamming her head into your hand and meowing. It sounds cute, but it’s not. You can’t just walk by while shes sleeping and give her a stroke – no, she’ll have to meow and get up. Annoying.

Erin has been the cheerleader of keeping her. She’s the one who talked me out of taking her to the shelter when I had put my foot down and asked her to come with me as moral support. She’s also made it feasible to keep her. I already had a free vet visit for Jack – Erin found me a coupon so Tabitha can have a nearly-free vet visit and a certificate for a 50 dollar spay. So for 50-some-odd dollars, they can both have vet visits and she can get spayed. The problem is, not that I’ve got coupons – I have to act fast. I’m not paying 50 dollars to pay her if I’m not keeping her – but if I dare keep her, I need to act now while I can save tons of money.

Jack loves chasing her around – and she even provokes him by sneaking up on him to pounce while he’s sleeping. And they are loving to lick each other. They still wrestle around and she growls constantly – but I think it has turned into playing now. I just wish she’d shut it with the growling.

Oh and everyday they sleep a little closer to each other. Jack tried to skip ahead by licking her to death and then laying smack on top of her, but she’d have none of that. With their inching closer, they’re about 5 inches apart now. Jack anxiously awaits when he’s allowed to touch her.

So there you have it. I still don’t know what I’m doing with her. Do I take her to the vet? Do I get her a red label collar to match Jacks? Do I paint her a matching food bowl? I just don’t know. I do know that for about 5 minutes yesterday, I had a person who was looking at her and seriously considering taking her – he even went so far as to call his girlfriend about it. And it kinda broke my heart – to think that she might be taken right then – I knew Mr Jack would miss her soooo much. And for a second I contemplated taking the offer back. But he turned it down anyway so now I’m still at a loss as to what I’m doing.

I’m such a sucker.

Steph, come get this damn cat, already!


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Cats do tend to like the company of their own kind.. Kittens eat alot. Babies of any species eat alot more than you would think. Having been half starved is going to make her eat more. She SHOULD calm down on that by the time she's a year or so old.. But she might not. Some cats are just pigs.

If you do keep here don't delay on the spaying even if by some chance you can't use the coupons. A cat in heat will make you want to strangle her.

10:58 PM  

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