The Birthday Report

I had a wonderfully fantastic 24th Birthday. Fantastically wonderful, even. I started out the weekend in Birmingham with my family. And even though she'll do it all again on Thursday, my mom made me a Thanksgiving dinner for my Birthday.

As I've complained, I work weekends and holidays. So this year I was going to skip Thanksgiving and head straight on into Christmas -- much to my family's despise (they thinking I'm skipping Thanksgiving with them on purpose). Well, being the wonderful awesome sweetest mom in the world, mom wanted to give me a Thanksgiving. She planned all by herself, to have a big Thanksgiving dinner just for me -- which means all the stress of Thanksgiving -- TWICE!

Momma cooked and cleaned all day. We had turkey and dressing, potatoes au-gratin, greenbean casserole, corn casserole, cranberry casserole, rolls and who knows what-else -- all homemade mostly from traditional family recipes plus a few from the food network. The best part was all the scraps of paper with hand written recipes scrawled on them. Momma finally got cable -- thus Food Network, and has found piles of recipes she wants to try.

I got a yellow birthday cake with white icing -- exactly what I wanted. And of course, mom made me breakfast in the mornings ;)

Then today, I came home to Huntsville a bit early to celebrate with all my awesome new friends. They took me out to dinner at Carrabbas (which was 100% my choice) -- then we all went to see HAPPY FEET! I really didn't expect the evening to be so great. Erin and me had planned to do dinner and a movie for my birthday, but I hadn't heard back from anyone on if they were going -- and K & R were gonna be out of town -- and then TODAY I couldn't get in touch with Erin! But, then it turned out that everyone, even K & R, were able to come. Erin called during dinner and they rushed over to join us. She totally made up for the being late by giving me a set of proper metal measuring cups and spoons (something I deeply desired but refused to purchase). So THANK YOU to everyone for making my birthday really special :) And most of them don't read my blog, so Michael (who was of course, with us tonight), feel free to link them ;)

BTW, Happy Feet was AWESOME. I want to buy it and quote it for the rest of my life. It was a bit long winded on the educational parts (especially the life cycle of the penguins -- like we haven't all seen March or the Penguins -- or even care for that matter), and also a bit preachy -- but it was also hilarious and 100% quotable. I must buy it and memorize it. Oh, and the animation was INCREDIBLE. I think we're all getting spoiled with these great animated movies -- but wow, take the time to really look at how beautiful this one is. The snow is perfect -- from the snowflakes to the lighter layers of snow that move with each step they take -- and the foot prints and such -- it's cream of the animation crop for sure (even beating out Pixar, IMO).

Oh -- and Mom gave me 2 sets of sheets. I've been waiting for a set of luxury sheets. Mom told me to wait and she'd give me them for my birthday. And she came through with her promise. But then she couldn't resist buying me the most adorable set of penguin flannel sheets too. I came home and put them on my bed right away and as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to go crawl into my freshly dressed bed -- complete with electric blanket. And adorable rug by the side of the bed. The rug -- is an old favorite of mine. It came from Target a few years ago -- super freakin- cute. It was falling apart though and dirty. The fact that I washed it really made it wear out. There's felt shapes and such stitched to it and those barely survived the washing machine... but... Saturday I had the intense pleasure of sitting in front of the TV watching Food Network and hand-stitching repairs on that rug for 5 hours. If there is a perfect way to relax/sedate/pacify me -- Food Network combined with a tedious craft has got to be it.

Oh, and speaking of crafts -- I made a Christmas wreath for my door and was given some ornaments for my Christmas tree. So naturally, I rushed home to get the tree just right and hang the wreath and dress the bed and get everything just right... and was a bit late to my own Birthday Dinner. I'm sorry, guys. I got caught up in the Christmasy goodness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

yay for a great birthday :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

1:02 AM  

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