5 things

1. The little bastards knocked over my Christmas tree.

2. Last night I ate at a Japanese restaurant -- just like I'm an adult or something (FYI: Karen doesn't do oriental food). I got to sit on a pillow at a super short little table with a hole for your feet -- which was quite nifty. AND I successfully learned how to use chop-sticks.

3. We have a report-card type sheet to keep track of what we learn at dance lessons now. I have learned some Rumba (we'll learn more next week), ALL of the Waltz, and ALL of the Tango. I like Tango best. Did I mention how good I am doing? I can totally dance.

4. I bought a futon cover specifically to match my cat. This way every single hair doesn't glare at you. It's khaki. So is Jack.

5. I need to stop shopping on eBay. I've won 3 items this month alone -- and believe me, I bid on many more. My newest acquisitions are 2 ice-cube trays. They're silicon and make little ice donuts. Isn't that nifty?


Anonymous Leah said...

oh, ebay. I bought a ring based on your recommendation of the star sapphire. it's not a star sapphire, but it sure is pretty. I'll try and remember to take a picture of it one of these days.

11:47 PM  

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