When all else fails, make a casserole.

This weekend I was separated from my purse for a little while -- which meant no money -- and in this case, meant no paxil and no groceries. I'm pleased to say that I haven't gone plum-crazy yet from lack of psych meds -- yay me!. I am however super sleepy and having night sweats even though I'm freezing cold. But you know, i'll survive and get my happy pills tomorrow.

And since I moved to the apartment with the KITCHEN and my own fridge and tons of cabinet-y goodness, I've been getting away from the per-meal shopping and into the coupon and sale well-stocked pantry shopping (seriously, I've got 4 jars of expensive pasta sauce because it was BOGO -- same with A1 sauce and peanut butter). This is totally paying off.

First, it's nice being able to search my cabinets for ingredients and actually find them. Second, I've made two casseroles this week which weren't even planned. This weekend, I searched my cabinets and made a great chicken casserole -- it was mainly chicken, rice, chicken soup, and broccoli. It was yummy. Then tonight, I decided to make something nice and protein-y -- So I decided to go with a variant of a great breakfast casserole my mom makes (remember, folks -- Karen is southern -- we LOVE some casseroles). In mom's version, you spread a lb of ground sausage (raw) in a (what else:) casserole dish. This gets topped with a layer of frozen hashbrowns and then egg beaters mixed with milk are poured over the top & the whole thing is sprinkled with cheese. Bake that for an hour on something like 350. My version was more like my favorite IHOP omelet: the corned-beef-hash one. I spread a can of corned beef in the bottom of the pan -- topped that with half-cooked hashbrowns (because this won't take near as long to cook as the sausage version and I didn't want to have a layer of still frozen potatoes in the middle) -- poured on the eggbeaters and milk and sprinkled with considerably less fat-free cheese than the original. This took about 30 minutes on 350 -- and let me say -- YUM. I LOVE corned beef hash and this is just so yummy. I like this way better than the original -- kudos to me.

Am I not becoming the perfect little homemaker? I am. AND I can program computers and dance -- and I have other less publicized talents. And I paint. And I'm cute. My god, I am so freakin awesome -- someone explain all the male rejection to me.

Oh, and on an unrelated note -- Comcast decided to rearrange their TV channels. This sucks for me and my stolen cable. Why? Because I can only steal the first 30ish channels. I lost my TNT and CNN. I'll miss my illegal TNT. I have however gained the game show network and I think I'm hooked.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I love that breakfast casserole. My dad makes it all the time. He uses whatever meat we happen to have handy.. It's really good with some turkey bacon layed over the top.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I'm not good at cooking bacon -- I like it super crispy and I always seem to end up with it soggy or soft -- just doesn't work for me.

1:51 AM  

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