Update on the Kitten

For those who want an update on Ms Kitty-of-the-Bathroom, here we go. I shall copy and paste it directly from an email I wrote earlier:

The cat -- still not sure on the name -- just isn't meshing well. I know it takes time -- but I'm not sure I'm willing to put that time in. It bothers me that there's litter on the floor in my bathroom now. Just seems like a lot of mess for another cat. And poor Jack is doing great -- he wants to play with her SO bad. I know because he plays with my moms cat and dog and he's trying to get her to play like he plays with them. It's driving him crazy that she just growls at him. He runs up to her and then darts away for her to chase LOL -- but she won't chase. All she does is sit there and growl at him. She doesn't play -- she won't play with him -- she won't play by herself -- and she won't play with me. She just wants to be petted, eat, or sit there. That's it.

Last night she was in the bathroom meowing -- I felt SOOOO bad for her that I couldn't sleep. She's been out running around the apartment -- actually just sitting here or there in the apartment pretty much since I got off at 8 -- minus an hour or so where I put her in the bathroom because she was getting hissy and poor jack just wants to play and I don't want her to just attack him out of the blue. Not sure what to do -- I wish I wouldn't have taken her in! Now I gotta worry about her.

I’d paste the rest of the email, but it really just involved hockey, Sunday plans, TV shows, and tampons.

On the name front – I’m still debating. Really, I’m thinking I’m just not going to keep her – The money to get her “fixed up” at the vet would be too much. And I’m pretty anal about wanting a clean apartment where I just happen to have a cat – I don’t want to be one of those people with the stinky messy apartment because of their pet(s). I’ve been staunch about that since I got jack. I keep his toys gathered up in his cat condo where he can get them out if he wants them – I keep his litterbox very clean and tucked away, and he has his mat in the kitchen for his water and food which I pick-up every night so there isn’t food all over my kitchen. Now I’ve got a cat in my bathroom with a towel wadded up on the floor and there’s food and splashed water and litter on the bathroom floor. That’s gross. I want people to feel welcome and enjoy being at my apartment – I don’t want them to ever think about the fact that I have a cat before they come over. There’s those people where you’d go to their house – but you always roll your eyes because there’s dog hair on the sofa – it smells like a dog lives there – and the dogs going to jump all over you and bring you slobbery toys. I REFUSE to become one of those people. Having a cat is just something I happen to have – it doesn’t define my life or my household. I’m afraid that adding another cat will tilt that a bit. It’ll bring more mess and more poop and more stink. And finding someone to watch my Jack at the drop of a hat is easy – everyone LOVES Jack. But if I had 2 cats – well it’s hard to ask someone to take care of TWO cats for you. And staying on top of one cat has proved totally doable – me and Jack work well together. I’m afraid I might not be able to stay on top of two cats.

I’m just thinking aloud and rambling. Back to the name thing. A few ideas and suggestions I’ve been given (in no particular order):

-Azrael (dude, it’s the cat from the smurfs -- named after the angel of death. Not like scary dark “death” but an archangel. AWESOME name. I could call her Az)
-Pixel (non-black cat related though)
-Hexadecimal (called Hex for short. It oozes with Geek-Awesomness)
-Jill (Jack & Jill – get it?)
-Cleo (like the black crazy psychic on TV LOL)
-Jinx (First, awesome name for a black cat – second – Mr Jinx from Meet the Parents. “Jinxy cat, Jinxy cat – I love you! HAHAHA)
-Zoot (I don't know where this came from -- it just fell out of my head -- someone help me out with who was named zoot. Update: found it! "A very naughty character who runs Castle Anthrax in Monty Python's Holy Grail")

Shadow and Midnight are just too over used. I’m leaning toward Hex (hexadecimal), Az (Azrael), Jinx, or Zoot


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I like Az and Hex.

If she is really underweight part of the whole hissy and not playing thing could be a complete lack of energy from being underweight. Thats something else that could take time.. It's possible to keep your place just as neat as you do with having just Jack but it is a little more work. Two cats does mean more cat mess. Just one more day and you can check with that rescue.

4:18 PM  

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