~ Tonight I am up late putting down way too much money bidding on eBay. But I'm bidding on a Christmas present for my mom -- but I really want it too so we'll see who ends up with it if I win. Mustn't. Bid. More. Money. Mom's told me stories since I can remember my mom talking to me of the jewelry she had when she was young. We're poor -- but mom didn't grow up poor. Even as a young child she had expensive trinkets. She also had people who worked around the house for her parents -- maids and such. One of them was a young girl who stole some of my moms most precious pieces. She's told me about the gorgeous blue star sapphire that was stolen for years -- I swear, she's still really bitter about it. And blue star sapphires are expensive little things -- but I've always dreamt of giving her one... Of course I've also always wanted to own one for myself. I'm currently high bidder on two...

~ Tonight I learned to Tango. I tango quite well. I like the tango -- it's a sexy little dance... That's all I shall say on the topic.

~ Tonight I got very sick from drinking fruit juice. I didn't even think of it -- or realize that that's what was making me so sick. I was getting taco bell with some friends after dance lessons -- and I was REALLY thirsty. Well, taco bell doesn't have tea -- and I can't drink carbonated drinks -- so I was left with lemonade or fruit punch. I've not had fruit punch in forever! So I filled up my huge cup... and began drinking... a lot. And even as I was drinking it, I was feeling sick -- but I just didn't connect it. All that sugar made me so sick I couldn't eat my tacos and had to go home early. It wasn't even worth it -- I'd have much rather has sugar free tea.

~ Tonight I paid 30 dollars for a prescription for Jack. Yep. It hurt. Three pills. 30 dollars. The little shit better start feeling better REAL QUICK.

~ Tonight I might be murdered by a group of thugs. And I want to go on record as to why. So last night I was sitting in my living room surfing the net -- much like I am now -- much like I so every night. Jack was sitting in the window much like he is now -- much like he does every night. And this loud group of trash-talking idiots walk past -- naturally they're too obnoxious to keep their voices down at 2AM so I'm sure everyone in the complex knew they were trotting by. Then they see my Jack and decide to scare him by screaming and banging on my window at 2AM. Oh, yes -- I'm 100% serious. So I throw open the door and tell them how rude they are being and that they better damn well stop. Their reply? "Yo -- we fro' out of town yo!" Oh, yes -- I'm 100% serious. Like being out of town gives you the right to scream and attack people's windows at 2 in the fucking morning? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHERE YOU'RE FROM BUT YOU'RE GOING TO STOP BANGING ON MY GOD DAMN WINDOW YOU FUCKING $@%^@. So -- now you know. If they find me murdered I want it to be on record that I was right and that they are fucking obnoxious morons that are nothing but a drain to society -- oh wait -- I guess they're not a complete drain on the economy considering they buy those big baggy pants and shoes and hats with their sales tags and prices still proudly displayed. They're obviously advertising the only way they possibly contribute to society. Jesus %&#^*^$% #$*(% I can't believe people actually do shit like that. I am so enraged at the ..... audacity of such ..... trash. $@#%@# $#%#$ *&^#$ BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.


Anonymous Leah said...

I'm impressed that you were able to go yell at them. My farkin' neighbors are up and being nosy on their porch, just like they do EVERY GORRAM THURSDAY NIGHT. I'm pissed. Yeah, I'm up doing homework, but, uh, it's still distracting. However, I'm not assertive enough to go over and tell them to shut the hell up.

I can't wait until it gets cold, because I hope that will drive them inside. However, I'm worried that they'll just fill themselves with alcohol and cigarette smoke and not worry about the cold.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Are you in a house or an apartment? Complain to the manager if youre in an apartment -- call the cops and complain about them being noisy if you live in a house. I've called the cops on my moms neighbors before for being noisy.

1:27 AM  

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