That there is a eye-pod.

Today as I was getting ready for class, someone knocked on my door. It was a DHL delivery person -- with a package! For me! But I wasn't expecting a package. I mentioned this aloud and she told me it was an iPod (she apparently delivers these a lot). An iPod? SOMEONE BOUGHT ME AN IPOD?

Yes folks, for a brief moment, I actually allowed myself to think that someone loved me enough to buy me an iPod without even telling me. I know, I might be getting delusional. Need proof? In that short moment where my mind was racing with thoughts of glorious iPods -- IPODS -- I actually had the whim that maybe this was an apology from someone who hurt me about as much as is possible -- but they bought me an iPod and I can totally be bought! Maybe it's a NANO. A BLUE ONE!

So I sign for the package without betraying my inner excitement and hope and rushed to the kitchen to grab the scissors to cut the tape. The first glimpse I get is egg-crate padding wrapped in an invoice -- WITH AN APPLE LOGO.

Holy fucking shit -- it actually is an iPod!

Nope. Just the battery from the massive recall. *sigh* Oh well.


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