Star Sapphire

I ordered a ring on eBay -- it got here last night. A genuine natural Star Sapphire. A very nice present to myself. It's huge -- so big, in fact, that it looks like it couldn't possibly be real -- but it is. I wore it today and caught a glimpse of it in the sunlight when I was driving. It was breathtaking.

I've seen star sapphires in pictures -- and I've been shopping for them at jewelry stores before, but I've never seen one in person out in the sun light. It's amazing -- captivating -- magical. Fascinating.

Without a nice direct light, it looks like a simple stone. An opaque sapphire -- this one happens to be midnight blue. It's cut as a simple smooth oval cabochon, looks like nothing brilliant. I mean it looks like a cute ring -- but nothing hugely special or prized. When a nice beam of light hits it though, the crystallization within it shows -- a perfect 6-pointed star. It moves with the light -- the spines are as pure white and delicate as a spider web -- and absolutely brilliant. It's really amazing to know that it's natural -- that nature made this -- that God designed this. You can look at pictures, and you can understand the science behind it -- they can be bought all over and aren't hugely uncommon -- they're even lab-grown now. But really, seeing one in person is something else. Wow. In the light there's a bright white star inside -- you'd never know it wasn't there a few minutes ago -- and the way it moves with the light is almost magical.

No wonder my mom remembers this ring from her childhood so well. I'm captivated by it and I've only had it for a day. Hopefully no one will steal mine -- at least we know it won't be stolen by a maid any time soon ;)


Anonymous steph said...

i have one of those, they are awsome have you never seen mine?

8:02 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Nope. But someone complimented me on mine today :)

10:13 PM  

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