A picture of my cat.

Had to post a picture. I'm done.

But make sure you note the Halloween goodness on his claws compliments of www.softpaws.com -- you can see them better if you look at a larger version of the picture (click it). Remember folks -- cutting off your supposedly loved pet's fingers just to spare your precious sofa is pretty damn cruel. Cap the nails instead -- everyone wins.


Blogger Tel said...

Do the caps come in pink?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yes yes yes they do! Check out the flickr tag of them -- I think there's some pink ones in ther -- the cat with the red ones is so cute:


And also there's a galley on their website -- and you can see ALL the different colors:

http://www.softpaws.com It's 20 dollars for a pack of 40 and if by some weird chance you get the wrong size -- they'll exchange them for a different size. They're 100% safe if swallowed (both the cap AND the glue) and they don't interfear with the cats retracting of claws. Jack doesn't even notice them. And when they play with you it just kinda tickles because you just feel the little rubber nubs. It's also kinda funny/mean that when they jump on things they dont have their claws to grab on anymore -- but they dont realize it so they never really learn that it's not gonna work.

I love them. And I'm 100% against declawing -- but hell, these are just cute!

11:01 PM  

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