Ooooooh. Ahhhhhhh.

I was just about to head to bed when I realized that - wait - I had to see what infomercial was about to come on. It's the MultiMaster -- holy shit -- little powertools! It's like a wet dream or something.

It's a saw that doesn't rotate -- and a sander that doesn't vibrate! So wait -- how does it work? Well, I can't go to bed before I see how it works -- I mean if it doesn't vibrate or rotate -- how does it work? And just so you know, it oscillates. And it would fit in my kitchen drawer.

"One tool, a few attachments: thousands of possibilities."

And as with every infomercial, I actually began to think I could totally use that. Look -- he just installed a heating vent over crown molding and didn't even have to remove it -- professional results made easy. Well, I have to install heating vents over crown molding all the time, you know.

And then I went. Wait. Wait. ... I should post about this. So I am.


Anonymous steph said...

damn those infomercials hehe

7:58 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

The only commercials that don't convince me that I really do have need for their product in my life are excercize commercials -- and that's probably just ebcause I don't watch those.

But man, little powertools and food prep items -- I'm all over that.

10:09 PM  

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