No seriously, how can anyone NOT love me?

Here's a comment I just left someone who posted about still trying to talk all the time even though she's losing her voice:

"I lost my voice last year for a few months. I had a stress related acid disorder which ate my voice box up. I noticed my voice going -- and it just kept going until no more sound came out -- then I went to a ear/nose/throat guy who asked me if I had ever considered giving my voice a rest.

I had to pause. It honestly had not even occured to me to do that. My voice box had literally been eaten away -- and I was still trying to wisper to people. Shut up? Are you serious?

And then my psychiatrist used that as an excuse to end our appointments early because "I needed to rest my voice" Yeah -- but you still get paid for the full hour, right? Uhuh.

Anyway -- rest your voice. Apparently that's important. I got a long rant from the throat specialist that had a camera up my nose and down my throat about how our voices getting hourse is supposed to be a sign that they need rest. When we pull a muscle -- we don't keep using it relentlessly. It should be the same with our voices.

Though me -- I still tried to talk through it all. I wrote on a piece of paper that I had lost my voice... due to too much deepthroating... ;)"

Let's see -- self deprecating humor -- funny story -- jokes about therapy and expensive psychiatrists -- relevant ranting -- all wrapped up with a sexually lewd joke. Nice work on my part. I'm surprised people don't flock to me just to hear shit like this. Or maybe this is why I make some people uncomfortable... *shrug*


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I actually did lose my voice due to deep throating once.. It was a rather amusing experience. I wouldn't suggest it.

8:12 PM  

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