My teachers dead, I might have skin cancer, and why is the Michelin man made of marshmallows?

So, anyone whos talked to me much this semesters has heard me talking about "walking death," my teacher. She looks worse than someone on their death bed -- seriously. She has no strength to write on the board, she walks slower than a 90-year-old after a hip-replacement, and she can barely muster the strength to form words. And you know how when you see a human skull -- you can't really picture it as a face? At least I can't -- they look far too different from a human face without all the muscles and skin. Well the first thing I thought when she walked in the room the first day was that she was a skull with skin -- seriously, it felt like an anatomy revelation. I've never been able to picture it -- but in this woman you can see it -- you can see her skull -- there's just a fine sheet of skin over it and her eyes are well sunken in. Same with her hands -- and even though she wore a sweater constantly (she needed the warmth, I'm sure) -- you could make out the bones of her back perfectly. I swear, people on their death bed usually look way better than this. I've nothing against her personally -- but as a teacher, she obviously shouldn't be teaching - she's just not up for it.

Of course technically all that should be in past tense -- as she apparently just died. No one knows what she died from but someone told me today she was 52 -- damn, she looked REALLY bad for 52. Some people think she died of anorexia -- I think she had to be sick. I'm told she looked and acted exactly like that for 5 years though. I know, this is such an insensitive post isn't it? It's even worse that I've been telling everyone there's no way shed live through the semester. I was right though... What's weird is that her obituary is like 2 lines. There's no survivors -- there will be no funeral -- not even a memorial service. I would think that after years of teaching, the university would step up and at least hold some type of service. I mean she may have had no family, but she had plenty of students and colleagues. I'd go -- as I'm sure many of her students would -- it's what should be done.

Also, I'm thinking this spot on the back of my hand isn't looking so good.

As for the rest of the title, I'm just curious -- they sell tires but the guy looks like the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters just without the blue bandana. What's up with that? Shouldn't he be made of... I don't know... tires?


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