A Murder of Crows

Thursday, I met a friend for lunch over by the Summit. And who am I to be right there at the Summit (upscale outdoor mall) and not shop a bit? And lord help, on the way to the Gap I had to pass a Pottery Barn -- you just know I had to go in there. And when I saw these cute little crows for only 6 bucks each -- halloween decorations -- I snatched up a pair.

Ok ok, so everyone's rolling their eyes at the thought of all the ways this little purchase will make Jack (the cat) happy. I know. But I couldn't resist! They look so real and awesomely halloween-y. I decided to wire them to my tealight candle screen. They looked like they had flown in and perched on it for a short while. And the location was prime -- I get to look at the all the time, and Jack never jumps up there. Awesome.

And for the first couple of days -- it was perfect. They looked even better than the pictures in Pottery Barn's magazine -- because I'm awesome like that. And they made me happy. But then one night he got up there and knocked them down. Well, I hadn't had a chance to take a picture of how cute they looked yet, so I tucked them away in a drawer where Jack couldn't get them.

On Monday morning, my mom called to wake me up and make sure I was up for class (yes, she does that for me) -- so I moseyed on into the kitchen to get something to drink and I realized that my apartment was covered in black feathers. They were everywhere. But I couldn't find the crows. The drawer where I had placed them was open -- but no crows. It was like a massacre had occurred --- the evidence was everywhere -- but the bodies are missing.

The little shit opened the drawer and ate my pottery barn crows!

So for punishment for this and for running away from me the other night, I have taken great amusement by decorating him for halloween. He now sports a full set or bright orange nails. And it makes me happy. Not as happy as the crows -- but I have to accept that they are lost and move on.


Blogger Tel said...

Jack? Jack-ASS! :) I like the nails. Naughty kitty.

7:55 PM  

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