Movie Night

Tonight was movie night. You remember movie night -- I get a new NetFlix and fix a good supper so I can sit down and watch a movie with Jack. This has actually become one of my favorite things to look forward to. I plan it a head of time, shop for the dinner, and just relax and get into a good movie.

Funny how fast things change actually. This was the only thing I ever really had to look forward to during the week. It was my only treat. This week, it fell on a Tuesday. Monday I hosted 11 people for game night -- tomorrow is dancing lessons and Thursday is Grey's Anatomy night with Erin and Kelly.

But tonight was movie night with Jack. Tabbatha purred sleepily in my lap for the entire movie and kept my hands warm. I watch Phenomenon with John Travolta. Not a new movie -- but a damn good one. It just ended and my cheeks are tear stained. I blame it on combination of a great movie and PMS. LOL. I recommend it 5 stars -- if you've got Netflix, go put it in your queue immediately. It's a very moving film with great acting by all.


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