Lunch & dancing

Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with someone I haven't seen in over two years. On the one hand -- no biggie. On the other hand though, I've lost over a hundred pounds since then. Will it be a drastic difference to them? Or will they be non-impressed because I'm still overweight? What should I wear? I want to get that "holy shit" reaction. I hope this is a very positive experience that will lift my spirits.

On another note, I went to my second dance lesson tonight. Last week we learned the waltz and the rumba -- this week we added turns to those and also learned a 3-step rock-step of some sort relevant to swing dancing. I liked the one we learned tonight -- it was fun. And I don't suck at dancing nearly as much as I thought I would. I want to keep going to the private lessons (though obviously, I have to be invited) -- maybe even go to some of the beginner lessons at the dancing school on my own. I asked if you have to have a partner to go and she said no -- so I could go and get pretty decent at some dance. I'm liking this so far -- I would LOVE to go dancing with someone... when I get a bit better -- which I will.


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