Lovely lunch

My dad came up today to have lunch with me. Not "stopped in while he was up here" -- but actually came up here just to have lunch with me and then went right back home. That in and of its self is pretty nice. On top of that, though, it was honestly the best afternoon I've ever had with him. He came by here and just loved my apartment -- he kept complimenting me on how nice I have made it and how great everything looks. And we had a great lunch where we chatted and he didn't say anything negative about anyone -- which is usually all you get. It was awesome. And he liked my pumpkin stand so much that he had me take him to the store where I bought it so he could get one too. And then I had him follow me to UAH where the gas is way cheaper so he could fill up on his way out.

This week is just getting better and better!


Anonymous fortunatesongs said...

Good things aren't supposed to happen on Friday the 13th y'know. i think you must be in league with some evilness.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Well, this post was actually referrencing Thursday (its was only 3 minutes into Friday) -- but Friday was an excellent day as well -- Jack slept in my bed which he hasn't done since I moved AND I had a date. So yeah, I guess I must be in line with something -- which is awesome.

11:48 PM  

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